Why Russian Women prefer Turkish Men for Marriage

Russian women marrying Turkish men

Russian brides marrying Turkish Men in TurkeyWe all love to read love stories- tales where the girl meets a stranger and falls in love and they start living together happily ever after. No matter how much we love these romantic stories, at heart, we know that cannot be true. Such love stories where a girl visits an unknown land and finds her love and settles there after braving all the storms together can only exist in books. Wrong. They happen in real life also. Behind every marriage between a Turkish man and a Russian woman, there lies a love story that would melt your heart. If you care to listen, we can share.

Russian Women – Beauties from Russia seek Turkish Men

For a long time, the Russian women led a secluded life. They remained within Russia, unaware of how the western world was changing and were happy playing their role within the family. They were quite dominating and almost ruled over their own families. However, with time, the situation changed. Failed marriages became a reality. There were cases in which after being married for over 10-15 years, the Russian women had to call quit just because they could not stay together. The expectations didn’t match, at times the men could not appreciate the fine taste of their women and the wives felt ignored. All the rosy pictures of marriage that Russian women had drawn in their minds started losing their sheen. It was time for them to experience heartbreak and take a reality check.

Most Russian ladies are independent, contrary to what the western world thinks of them. They love to travel and visit new places. Some young Russian women ventured out and got settled in other countries, some divorced women with kids also decided to move out and try their luck elsewhere.

Rus Kızları – Rus Kadınları

Turkey was always a favorite tourist spot with Russians and soon a new love story began that of between Turkish men and Russian women.

Turkish men and their love for foreign brides fueled their passion

Turkish men dream of brides who would be beautiful, intelligent, loyal and loving. They want wives who would take care of them. Russian women were popular in Turkey as foreign brides. They were sought after for their looks, intelligence and their characteristics. The breakdown of the Soviet Union and moving out of Russians made it easier for them to marry Russian beauties and settle with them.

Most of the marriages that happen between Turkish men and Russian women have one thing in common – the Russians met their future husbands while on a tour of Istanbul. They got so enamored with these men that they never came back from the trip and got settled in Turkey and made it their new home.

Turkey was a hot favorite with Russia and received around 4 million tourists from this country. Thus, you can imagine the number of young and beautiful Russian women who visit Turkey. They met their foreign grooms in Turkey who are either engaged in trade, hotel industry or work as guides. They fell in love quickly and soon tied the knot too.

No matter what people say, the marriage between Turkish men and foreign brides has been successful. The Russian brides have adjusted themselves in the foreign land with their Turkish grooms and even had children with them.

Foreign women dating western men are hugely successful in the online dating world and the experience of the Turks also proves the same.

Interracial marriages between Turkish men and Russian women

TURKEY - Turkish-Russian marriages - Many Turkish men marry Russian girls.A lot depends on the individuals involved. While Russian women look for affectionate and romantic husbands, the men from Turkey look for loving and caring wives. The Russian women find the sensibility and stability they look for in marriages in the Turkish men. The love between the interracial couples bloomed easily with both seeking what the other can provide.

In many cases, the families have also supported the decision and accepted the foreign brides. Most Russians celebrate all the festivals with the same fervor. The children speak both the languages and imbibe both the cultures.

The couples find ways to solve their cultural differences and live happily. The religion often becomes a bone of contention with the Turkish family wishing the bride to take up their religion. Most foreign women find ways to handle this.

Why so many Turkish Men want to Marry Russian Women ?The recent political turmoil between Russia and Turkey has created a lot of tension amongst both the communities. The Russians have stopped visiting Turkey as they fear backlash. However, the people who have already crossed the border feel that such tension would not last long. Very soon, the situation would become normal. People who love Turkey would continue to visit it. Russians women who have found their home and love in a foreign country would inspire more people to follow.

Some love stories are for real. That’s what the interracial marriage between Turks and Russians tell us. They also inspire us to continue to believe in love stories too.

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