Why are white men attracted to Asian women ?

Why white men find Asian women charming ?

Why white men date Asian women? Does this question ever come to your mind? It must have seeing so many of your friends dating women from Asia. It is true that in the international dating scene, the Asian women enjoy a majority. Most white men are seen preferring Asian ladies over their own counterparts when it comes to dating. Even they are getting into marriages with girls from Asia and settling down in life. What is the reason behind this? Why men prefer interracial dating knowing its pitfalls? Let’s explore.

Is it a fetish or real love?

Chinese Brides, China Bride, Chinese Wives, Chinese Mail Order BridesA lot of people attribute the increasing trend of dating Asian women as a fetish. They consider that it is some kind of fantasy for western men to pick Asian girls. Some even term it as “yellow fever”, a derogatory way of describing this phenomenon. However, the truth remains that western men dating Asian women have become mainstream. About 60% of marriages in the USA are inter-racial where the girls hail from Asian countries. What makes western men fall for Asian ladies?

Why western men like dating Asian women?

To begin with, let us talk about the physical features. Western men find Asian women attractive. Most Asian women are slender, tall with sharp features. Their flawless skin and beautiful eyes add to their charm. However, what sets them apart is their style. Most Asian women are stylish and wear good clothes. Instead of always roaming around in baggy shirts or tees and jeans like western women, the Asian women wear nice and well-fitted clothes. This comes as a pleasant sight that men find charming. Moreover, the Asian women also take time to apply makeup and try different hairstyles. Their femininity gets reflected in these small things which make them so desirable.

Largest Asian Dating site in Thailand. Meet Thai Women, a Thai Girls or Thai Bride in Thailand. Thai women seek Marriage on the internet. Find Thailand women online.Asian women are essentially ‘women’. Are you confused with the previous sentence? What I mean is that these women carry themselves as women. They are reserved, quiet, well-mannered and respectful. While all these traits are considered passé by ultra-modern feminists, the Asian ladies still retain them. They seldom use foul language and maintain dignity in front of others. This comes as a soothing effect on the western men who are used to seeing western women using foul language just like their men counterpart.

Asian girls are generally well-educated and have a class. This shows in their behavior. Western women may label them as submissive or easily available but the truth is far from this. In reality, Asian girls are neither submissive nor easily available. Brought up in a traditional way, Asian girls know the value of freedom. They are usually focused on their career and becoming self-reliant. Most of them migrate to foreign countries for degrees and join the workforce. Just a mere chat with them and knowing their thoughts would tell you that they are far from being submissive. And about being available? Well, again their traditional bringing up and a stronghold of the family on their lives makes them traditional too. Most girls from Malaysia and Philippines would not indulge in physical intimacy before marriage. Thus, they are not available in the sense western women portray them.

Find a loving Asian girlfriend from Asia - Meet Filipina, Thai and Chinese women for marriage.Another factor that adds to the enigma of the Asian women is how they see themselves. Confident in their own skin, they never behave like men. They never try to take the position of the men too. They are happy with their feminine nature, confident of their qualities and celebrate womanhood. This ingrained confidence makes them so beautiful. They exude peace and bring harmony in the lives of people around them.

How do men who date Asian women describe them? Pretty, classy, smart, intelligent and warm – doesn’t these traits make a woman truly irresistible? Maybe now you know why your best friend swoons over his Asian girlfriend. It’s these features that help them to win the heart of the men and keep them for years.

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