Chinese women love to marry Western men

What makes Chinese women marry foreign men ?

Today international dating witnesses a healthy mix of girls from different Asian countries. Most of them date foreign men and you would find even Chinese girls in large numbers amongst them. However, the situation was not the same a few years back. It is only in the last decade that Chinese women have come out and started dating foreign men. It would be interesting to study what motivated them to do so.

The changing scenario of Chinese dating

Chinese girlChina has always been very protective of its culture and people. However, with the flourish of global trade and opening up of the economy, the Chinese people came in contact with the western world. As international traveling became common, there were many westerners who started visiting China. Naturally, they got into relationships with Chinese women. The Chinese society being very conservative did not accept these relationships. The girls who dated foreign men were looked down upon. Most families did not allow their girls to marry western men.

A lot of rumors used to make rounds about the people who married outside the Chinese race. With time, as more and more such relationships started flowering and online dating became popular, the mindset of the people started transforming. In the cities, people started accepting these interracial relationships. The girls who got the foreign education or went to other countries for jobs soon found the western men more attractive than the native ones. They found these men suitable for dating and marriage too. They had their own reasons which we would discuss in the next section.

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What makes western men attractive to Chinese women?

Asian Brides, Asian Women, Asian Dating - China BridesChina although belonging to the eastern world, has a culture which is different from its neighbors. The people are conservative but ambitious too. Chinese girls who stay in the cities get a good education. They aspire to become independent and hence go out for jobs. Once they come in contact with foreign men, they find them more suitable as partners. They get equal treatment which is unimaginable in a society like Chinese. Chinese girls feel that western men can fulfill their desires and become great partners. With a partner from the western world, their career aspirations would get fulfilled easily.

Girls who want to progress in career, are often pressurized to settle down early, according to Chinese traditions. However, those who do not want to do so, find western men to date and postpone marriage for a few more years.

Girls who aspire higher lifestyle face setbacks at home where the society is still traditional and does not value their opinion. In these cases also, having foreign partners make their lives easier.

Women who are educated, career-oriented and free spirited are not given much respect in their own society. They seek equal treatment from the society but do not get that. The western world with its idea of women empowerment appeals to them. They find that society more suitable for them to flourish. Thus, they look for partners with whom they can settle in the western world and fulfill their aspirations.

Want to date a traditional or a modern Chinese girl? It’s time to debunk the myths

Chinese mail order bridesIf you go through any Chinese dating site, you would come across terms like traditional Chinese women or modern Chinese bride. They may make you think that these ladies come with exclusive characters. The sites would also define a traditional Chinese woman as shy, loyal to the husband, family-centric, conservative and in some cases subservient. The modern women, on the other hand, are outgoing, career-oriented, independent, educated, loves to travel along and not emotionally dependent on anyone.

It is to be noted that though the media portrays these two groups as exclusive in reality they are not. Today, with most women getting an education and aspiring to lead a better life, no one can fit neatly into any of these. What you actually get is a mix and match – maybe a modern woman who longs to have a family or a traditional woman who is independent in her thoughts.

Most Chinese women are a blend of both the modern and traditional thus making them more charming. They have learned the art of existing in a fast paced modern world keeping their values intact.

Dating a Chinese girl – an interesting romantic game

Asian Brides Online - Meet real Chinese women for marriage.eShy, romantic, cheerful and immature, a Chinese girl brings joy everywhere she goes. She is loving but may not show that in the initial period of the dating. Once she gets comfortable with you, she would open up slowly. You would be surprised to find her quarreling with you or even scolding you. It would be nice to see her English develop as she starts speaking fluently in it.

The majority of Chinese girls are immature. They love to play video games or with dolls. She may act childishly at times just to seek your attention.
Full of love, charm, and beauty, a Chinese girl makes an ideal life partner. Western men who have dated Chinese girls know this and that’s why they marry them too.

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