Filipina Dating – Filipinas for love, marriage and friendship

How to date a Filipina – essential tips

There was a time when tourists flocked to Philippines to enjoy its sun, surf and sand. People still visit Philippines in large numbers but for a different reason. Gorgeous and charming Filipinas are the primary reason for westerners choosing Philippines as their holiday destination. There are men who fly to Philippines to enjoy a vacation and date a Filipina and there are some who come to this country with the sole purpose of finding a Filipina bride. Do they really succeed?

Dating a Filipina – the real story

Filipina Dating - Filipinas for Love, Marriage, Romance and friendship.There are many dating sites that cater to dating Filipina. These Asian dating sites contain thousands of profiles of hot girls from the Philippines who are ready to date western men. Most men end up marrying their Filipina girlfriend in the first visit. Some fly them back to their own country too. The success rate of such marriages is usually high. Most men who end up marrying Filipinas learn about them from beforehand. They don’t go by the stereotype but use their heart and mind to understand these girls. Let us share with you the tips that these men suggest for men dreaming of dating Filipinas.

The basic characteristics of Filipinas

Filipino girls dreaming to marry White menGenerally, women from Philippines are shy. They are timid and do not talk much. Their upbringing in a conservative catholic environment may be attributed to this. They may keep quiet when meeting a man for the first time. Most men take this as rudeness but in reality she is simply being shy. Knowing their nature would help western men to break the ice and make the Filipinas comfortable.

Filipinas are very trusting too. Filipino women are not open to hooking up for one-night stands, dating multiple men or cheating. When Philippine women enter into a relationship, they do so with their whole heart and stick to it too.

Filipinas date with long-term relationship in mind

In spite of being modern and educated, the people of Philippines have a traditional view about marriage. They usually marry with lifetime commitment. The young Filipinas stick to their husbands and work hard to make the relationship work.

Independent and real fighters

The internet may paint them in different shades but the truth is that Filipinas are not submissive. They are independent like women from other countries and know how to stand up for their rights. Since they are quiet and shy, people take them as submissive but this is not true. In fact, they are great fighters. They can fight for themselves and for their near ones also.

Don’t believe in the myths

There are myths that Philippine women marry for money or love to work as maids. Nothing can be false than these. Filipinas marry outside their race for only love. Philippine women like the idea of western dating. Most of them are educated and capable of taking care of themselves. Regarding working in the home, they love to take care of their families and may toil hard for them. However, do not expect her to be your maid, under any circumstance.

Dating Filipina – learn the rules

Filipina dating - Philippines dating sitesDating in Philippines is a different ball game. You need to learn the rules fast to succeed. Filipina girls date a man only after getting permission from their parents. Thus, you would be expected to visit her house and get introduced to her parents. Be respectful to them. Do not say anything against the culture of their country. Once you are accepted in the family, the parents of the girl would take care of you like their own son. This may come as a bit uncomfortable, but that’s the way in Philippines.

Dating a Filipina is fun and fulfilling. She would take care of you and always be by your side. She may not speak much but would fill your life with warmth and love. She would expect you to love her and respect her.

Knowing these basic things about Filipinas would make your dating life easy and fun.

Filipina dating - Filipina brides

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